The Office of Graduate Student Services provides an array of engagement opportunities to meet the needs of our graduate student population. Here are a very services provided by our office to assist you with your questions and needs. In addition, our office offers several programs, which fall under the following four thematic areas: Intellectual Enrichment, Personal Development, Arts & Culture, and Community Engagement.

  • GRAD Q&A - The Office of Graduate Student Services acts as a liaison for graduate student concerns and questions. Often, we connect students to academic contacts and other university officials through a graduate student database that we have created and continue to expand.
  • Assistantship Alliance- Our office provides a connection between graduate students and available assistantships within Student Life.
  • GSA Liaison- Our office serves as the administrative connection to the student-led Graduate Student Association (GSA) and assists in administrating the $30,000 Research and Travel Grants program that is run by a member of the Graduate Student Association executive board.
  • Planning and Development- Graduate Student Services coordinates with various campus departments to provide advice on educational, wellness, and social services that meet the needs of graduate students.
  • Graduate Student Organization Training- The Office of Student Involvement will assist any graduate student organization with executive training, leadership development, program enhancement development, and other services. Contact our office of additional information on how to make your graduate student organization most effective. We will also connect you with the resources to create and run a new organization.
Intellectual Enrichment Personal Development
Community Engagement Arts and Culture