Intellectual Enrichment

Why did you come to a flagship institution to pursue your next step in education? To be smarter? To get ahead? To better yourself? Your intellectual enrichment is important to us! Hopefully, we can help you become a "better you" through our innovative events aimed at your Intellectual Enrichment. Stop by our site from time to time so see what events/programs are being offered that are sure to tickle your intellectual fancy. Intellectual Development programming will feature topics to address academic enrichment, effective research practices, and additional skills development. Past program topics include:

  • RefWorks Training Sessions
  • Grant Writing Workshops
  • Conflict Resolution and Management Training
  • Orientation programs
  • Writing Workshops
  • Dissertation Boot Camp
  • Study Programs and Initiatives
  • Peer on Peer Colloquium Series
  • Internship Experiences

Signature Intellectual Enrichment Programs

GSS Dissertation Boot Camp
GSS Dissertation Boot Camp is an immersion experience, designed to assist graduate students with making progress toward self-defined writing and/or project goals. While the title is slightly misleading, Dissertation Boot Camp is open to ANY University of Alabama graduate student at any stage of a research or writing project. Essentially, Boot Camp provides a stress free atmosphere with limited distraction. Participants who take part in our Boot Camp experiences agree to adhere to a strict time table and set personal goals. Currently, we offer two different boot camp experiences:

Weekend Dissertation Boot Camp: Weekend Camp is an off-site Wifi Free excursion. During the weekend experience, students sign a commitment contract and are exposed to yoga, massages, and lunchtime speakers. The event takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Moundville Archaeological Park as you get your work done. Find out more information about our typical Weekend Dissertation Boot Camp experience by clicking here for a typical schedule.

Express Dissertation Boot Camp: Express Bootcamp is a NEW program from Graduate Student Services. We are offering a shortened version of our Dissertation Bootcamp!  Express Bootcamps are one-day work sessions located on campus to fit your busy life as a graduate student. While we still require students to adhere to our strict boot camp guidelines, to atmosphere is a bit more relaxed and a shorter time commitment designed for specific goals or to jumpstart a project or writing commitment. Find out more information about our typical Express Dissertation Boot Camp experience by clicking here for a Schedule