The Purpose
GSSNet would provide an opportunity for a collaborative network of departments, students, and professionals at The University of Alabama dedicated to providing and promoting specialized student services for the improvement of the graduate student community.
The GSSNet would have a two-fold purpose:

  • Members of the GSSNet would serve as a Liaison for their department. As a member of the GSSNet, the liaison as a contact and invited to meetings each semester. These meetings would focus on discussing past collaborative projects, new initiatives, and goals for improving the UA graduate student community.
  • GSSNet would serve as a collaborative think tank in addressing common issues in the graduate community and offer recommendations that would improve services and programs.

As a result, GSSNet will seek to encourage:

  • Reflection on existing services and programs provided to graduate students by departments.
  • Further understanding of the needs and issues unique to the UA graduate population.
  • More opportunities for collaboration among departments in the interest of additional graduate student programmatic support.

The Focus

  • Improve the quality of life for graduate students through collaborative and meaningful efforts to develop programming and support that meets their unique needs.
  • Working in closer and more creative partnerships with the Graduate School, Graduate Student Services, and academic departments in serving graduate students.
  • Sharing of pertinent information from your services and areas that would benefit graduate students.
  • GSS will share cutting edge/relevant research and information findings about the needs of graduate students.
  • GSS will provide recommendations for future needs of the graduate and professional student population to Student Affairs Leadership

The Commitment
We ask that departments, individuals, or organizations that wish to be a part of GSSNet:

  • Attend 2-3 meetings per semester to discuss hot topics in the UA graduate student community.
  • Share information concerning GSSNet with individuals within their departments and organizations.
  • Actively engage in providing or brainstorming ways to provide more specialized services to graduate students.
  • Be open to future collaborative projects or events geared towards enhancing the Graduate Student Community.

The Format
The Office of Graduate Student Services will host a meeting 2-3 times each semester to offer the opportunity of a collaborative "Pulse Check" among departments, individuals, and organizations concerning the needs of graduate students.

We will utilize the development of the GSSNet as a sounding board to provide direction for new Graduate Student focused initiatives. It is important that our office assist The University of Alabama in creating more directive and purposeful ways to stay on top of the needs and concerns of graduate students.